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Gummy Ultra Sports Pastilles



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These soft, yummy and gummy pastilles were created for the Ultra runners to stay energized throughout their race. It also helps get rid of the metallic taste that we normally get after exceeding the 30km mark.
The special ingredient, seaweed, is known to aid in tissue repair and strengthening bones! Besides being an extraordinarily potent source of antioxidants and also help prevent inflammation, seaweeds can counter the deterioration of joints and have been used in the treatment of aches and pains.
Read more about the benefits of seaweeds here:


Recommended intake: Pop 1-2 Gummy Ultra in your mouth and let it melt in your mouth. Continue popping Gummy Ultra in your mouth till water station.

Ingredients: Fruit juice extract, seaweeds, jelly, Halal gelatine and sugar to coat.

Gummy Ultra can melt when the temperature gets too hot, as we do not include any thickening agent in them. Do not leave your Gummy Ultra in the car, under the hot sun. With that said, Marathon Baker will not refund or replace any Gummy Ultra that was couriered by Poslaju, as we cannot control the temperature of Poslaju warehouse.

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