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Hiking Pack: Chicken Masak Merah with Tomato Rice


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Your perfect Hiking Pack consists of:
1 x Chia Seed energy bar,
3 x Runbananaz energy balls (1 ball/packet),
1 x Fruity Figx (2 balls/packet)
1 x Gummy Ultra 100g
1 x Kembara Meal of your choice.

Only at RM50, with Free Gummy Ultra 25g!

What better way to enjoy the Kembara Meal once you reach the peak, but first, energy to reach the peak is more important!

Barulah boleh enjoy the view from above.

Now, this is how we recommend your hiking trip:
1. Before you start your climb, take ¼ of the Chia Seed or 1 ball of Runbananaz
2. During your hike, put 1-2 Gummy Ultra in your mouth, and let them melt. Don’t chew.
3. Every hour or so, eat another ¼ of the Chia Seed or 1 ball of Runbananaz or Fruity Figx (eat before you get hungry!)

When you reach the peak, prepare the gourmet hot meal with 4 simple steps:
1. Tear the heat pack.
2. Pour any water.
3. Let it heat up to 10 minutes.
4. Enjoy your meal.

*Hiking Pack will be delivered after 10/2/2020


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