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Peanut Butter Chocolate Mint




Ingredients: Peanut butter, dark chocolate, mint, oats, walnuts.
The world is celebrating April as Autism Awareness/Acceptance month. Since 2 boMBastic fathers (@dzulkaedahand @azran.ak ) with autistic children are running 100KM at the Janda Baik Ultra this year as their way to create awareness for this disorder, Marathon Baker is bringing back the #runforautism flavor, which will now have a new name: Peanut Butter Chocolate Mint energy bar. .
We understand that early intervention is expensive, therefore we are dedicating this special month to ensure children with autism have the support system they need regardless of their background differences.
With every purchase of the Peanut Butter Chocolate Mint energy bar, Marathon Baker will donate RM1 to this noble cause. You can also contribute to this cause. Just click to make your personal donations ❤. The fund will be. managed by @nasomcares .
The Peanut Butter Chocolate Mint is available to order from our website (link in bio). Delivery/collection will start next week, 8/4/2019.
Autism is a neurological disorder which negatively impacts a child’s social interaction skills and imagination. This means a child with autism may have speech impairments, problems interacting with others and limited play skills and interests.

As such, early intervention is very important to help them develop optimally and overcome the challenges that they face due to autism. Early intervention ensures brighter future for these children.


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