debomb Packs

Enjoy a variety types of products in one value deal package.


Indulge yourself with our Guilty Pleasure treats. Only available this Raya.

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Energy Boosters

On the go snacks made from a perfect blend of energy boosting ingredients, mainly dates. Great source of protein too! No added sugar, no added preservatives. No nasties!


Breakfast and recovery settled with our granola! Also a perfect pre-dawn meal for an energized puasa.

Krepek Granolah

A different level of snacking. Here’s your option to snack healthily with our hot selling Krepek Granolah. Anytime. Anywhere. Only good stuffs in this snack!

MB Gifts

Let us worry for you! Specially made for those who love to workout and read the labels! Only healthy calories in our products.


Sports pastilles and protein cookies.