A twist to that traditional Brownie. This Brownie is made from energy boosting ingredients, mainly dates, dark chocolate and oats. This Brownie energy bar is also rich in protein, derived from walnuts and almonds. Excellent to repair that torn microscopic tissues after your workout. Definitely can help you recover faster after your race and re-energize you again.

Packing information:
Comes in Snack size (1 serving) and Bar size (2 servings).

Recommended intake:
Before or after your workout. Brownie is also great as a healthy snack option in between meals. It can also be a meal replacement for the busy moms or if you have meetings lined up for the day.

Allergen information:
Contains oats and tree nuts ingredients.

Storage information:
Keep refrigerated.
Keep in the freezer for longer life: Can last up to 1 year after the Best Before date written on the packet.