If you are looking for a gluten free and vegan-friendly energy bar, this is for you!

Chia Seed energy bar is one of the best sellers for fruity lovers. No nuts and no chocolate in this one.

Besides dates, this fruity flavored energy bar is made from apricot, and plenty of seeds; pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and of course chia seeds!

An excellent source of antioxidants and at the same time, rich in fiber and other nutrients, chia seeds help to boost metabolism and promote lean muscle mass.

This energy bar is also perfect for recovery as it is high in protein from only natural sources. 

Packing information:
Comes in Snack size (1 serving) and Bar size (2 servings).

Recommended intake:
Before, during or after your workout.
Also suitable as a healthy snack, or your fuel for your hiking trip.

Storage information:
Keep chilled.
Keep in the freezer to last up to 1 year from the Best Before date.